Wednesday, September 09, 2009

wrap up some of your favourite things

TITLE: wrapping paper
MEDIA: pen & ink

Hello, here's some lovely wrapping paper i sold at Unwrapped Sunday Best.

They're all hand drawn with inks and artline fineliners, and printed in little Perth :)

There are four designs to choose from:
a) keys : perfect for 21sts or couples
b) watches : fitting for boyfriends, dads, husbands...
c) vintage buttons : delightful for people with a quirky, vintagey sense of taste
d) little man on a penny farthing : same as above, and also suitable for people in the 1800s.

I hope you like them!
Unfortunately they're now sold out, and can't take any orders until I find a way to send them!
(So if you have any ideas be sure to let me know)