Wednesday, October 28, 2009

let them eat cake!

TITLE: six glorious cupcakes
MEDIA: pen & ink

i love seeing pretty parcels wrapped in string. otherwise a plain parcel wrapped in nice ribbon is just as good.

images aren't the best~ but i hope you'll be able to see the cupcake paper in real life at the design markets, or if you receive a gift wrapped order!

hmm... are there any wrapping paper 'subjects' you'd like to see/suggest me to draw?


  1. These are gorgeous Janice! I'll show my sister!

  2. thanks! mayb they'll b good if she has to package her cakes one day

  3. What about a flower print? The kind you can find on those gorgeous vintage dresses? I love love cabbage rose print <3

  4. gah i want to get one of those dresses! was looking today but the shapes were all weird o.O hmm i shall see what i can do with the flowers! thanks cheryl :)