Wednesday, November 18, 2009


released at made on the left on sunday... and they were a success! (the 'omg' chain sold out and there's only a couple left of the others).

'signs' is a series of lasercut black acrylic accessories that reflect a bit of today's pop culture.

pins are $12 a pop, chains are $16.

*thanks to matt and ali for presenting the jewellery excellently!*


  1. Hi there :)
    I love the ZOMG one,
    do u still have them?
    I'd like to buy one :D
    I couldnt find them on your shop website, so just wondering how and where I can get it from :)

    thanks for letting me know :)
    Cheers and keep up the amazing work!
    Jaimie xxx

  2. hi jaimie, thannks!
    I do still have one, were you after a chain or a brooch? I havent listed them on etsy yet-haven't had the time unfortunately, but I'll make a listing for the 'ZOMG' on the weekend just for you- let me know which one!
    janice x

  3. Hi Janice :)
    Yes I was after the chain one,
    wanted to get it for my bf :)

    Thanks heaps, I'll check your etsy to make the purchase!

    U're the best xxx

  4. I've put a listing up 'Custom listing for JaiMie' :)

    you're very welcome! thankyou!


  5. Thanks for that :)
    I hope you received my payment!
    Looking forward to the chain!
    keep us updated on your new work :D

  6. Hey! I just saw this on Frankie - you've got some amaaaazing things. Do you still have the Rah badges/pins? Please say yes, I really want one!


  7. hi berlin, i'm sad to say i've sold out of RAH! badges! theres one chain left though if you'd like that.

    i'll be making some more brooches (including the FEED ME, which is also out, in the near future, so will post on my blog as soon as they're done :)

    janice x