Wednesday, November 04, 2009

these cakey goods

8 different cupcake tags

(folded doillie is attached to the card)

scallopped edges

cupcake set: wrapping paper, gift tags and cards... would be nice for a tea party..

mister penny farthing's helping deliver gifts on hand-cut tags

so this is what i've been busy making today! they'll be available at the markets next sunday!

(hmm..looking back at the images- i hope i haven't become too granny?!)


  1. Veeeeryyy nice Janice! What a great idea using the doilly! love the packaging for the cupcakes as well! xo

  2. thankyou! i had a pile of doillys while drawing the cupcakes, thinking it would be pretty to serve the cakes on them :)

  3. wow janice, these are incredible ...i love them!
    and not at all too grany (but coming from me it could be a bit bias..)

  4. thankyou sheryl - hehe i thought they'd be your style ;)

  5. Will these ever be available in your etsy shop? I'd love to use that wrapping paper for my presents this season.

    -Josh Lee

  6. thanks josh, I havent found a way that's cheap enough to post wrapping paper (since it would cost more for postage than the paper), so they're not available online yet.

    but if you're in perth and can come down to the Unwrapped marketplace on Dec 19th, i'll have a little stall there :)