Saturday, January 23, 2010

love sweet love

remember that heart candy you used to pass around in high school?

well to bring back some old fashioned romance, here are some hearts you can share around and keep forever. measuring 3cm in width, the pieces come in a variation of cut-through, etched and raster styles in necklaces (shown), brooches and keyrings. (more photos coming shortly!)

comes in 12 different short and sweet messages from the original candy:

. I Love You
. Be Mine
. Hug Me
. Hold Me
. Forever
. My Pal
. Hey Love
. I'm Yours
. Valentine
. My Sweet
. Call Me
. Sweet Heart

$30 for necklaces, currently listing on Etsy :)


  1. When will more necklaces be up for sale. I love them! Im looking for a long heart candy necklace is this possible?

  2. hello, there is currently a listing on etsy for the heart candy necklaces:

    and yes a long chain is possible - just put a 'note' down for it when you're going through the transaction process, or email me, and i'll make sure it's the right length.

    thank you :)