Friday, February 05, 2010


the lazy sunday afternoon panda. chilled out, kinda sleepy from saturday night, but feeling content. :)

initially did this drawing to put on a shrinky dink, but that failed miserably. they all started curling up in the oven so i stuck my hands in and started flattening them with the back of two spoons. when i was onto the 2nd one, all the power in the house went out and everything went pitch black, while i still had my hands in the oven. needless to say they didnt quite turn out, and i haven't tried ever since!


  1. A hint for you with shrinky dink....

    cook it in the oven between paper bags. No more curling! =)

    BTW - try to use a toaster oven, not a normal oven as the shrinky dink gives off toxic fumes when it shrinks.

  2. ooo thanks for that!! a toaster oven is much easier to use too! :)