Tuesday, March 02, 2010

a message in an envelope

yay a new wrapping paper! it's all about envelopes this time.. those little pouches that hold heartfelt letters and cards. how often do you write these days? i must say i'm pretty bad, i only sent long cards and emails last year. maybe it's time to start.

wrapping paper  ($4) will be available at unwrapped the marketplace (but in limited amounts, i've only made 6 so far!) and also the mailing tags (shown), which come in packs of 4 for $2.

*click on the image for a better view*


  1. I have already sent some of this to the other side of the country. Love it!

    I have to let you know that your "Rah!" necklace, which I gave my friend Sarah for Christmas, has lucky qualities! She was wearing it when she was on-call for work (she's a doctor) and every time she took it off, she was called in! She stopped taking it off after the first few times. She lent it to me for a big exam I had last week and I passed. She wears it all the time now (even though it's probably not the most appropriate thing to wear in the hospital)!

  2. hahahaha

    no, not the most appropriate thing to wear in hospital - but hilarious! good to hear that it brings you both luck, and thank you for getting the envelope paper! x