Sunday, April 18, 2010

free love! {giveaway}

weee! i dont think i've ever done a giveaway before, and i've always thought it's a really nice idea to give something back to the people that support me so much and read my blog....well seeing as it's my birthday coming up soon (yay!) i thought i'd give away a love necklace (valued at $45), and if you'd like one, entry is as simple as this:

comment on this post and tell me something that you love. (it can be anything from walking in the rain to eating choc-chip cookies with milk...)

entries close may 11th, and a winner will be selected at random. (you can also choose which love necklace you want, etched or cut-through)

good luck!


  1. Yay! I love giveaways! (No, that is not my something that I love.)

    I really love getting into my bed when the sheets are fresh and I am tired. I just face plant into the pillows and all worries drift off to sleep along with me.

  2. I 'love' this necklace!
    haha i also love all of your stuff..
    Another thing i love is how easily someone can make you feel special, how they can just make your da by doing something so kind like smiling at you and asking your name.
    Its beautiful, random acts of kindness.

  3. i love feeling. any kind of feeling. love, down, happy, excited, grateful, hurt, special, pampered. it makes me feel human. =)

  4. I love the smell of freshly baked red velvet cupcakes wafting in the kitchen. (I might love that scent more than actually eating the cupcakes!)

    The necklaces are beautiful!

  5. I love love. People in love, young and old. Nature in bloom, loving the sunshine after the rain. Trilling kittens, wagging puppy tails, birdsong. Love.

  6. ooo oo free love! XD

    So many things to choose from! I love finding quirky little things, laughing over anything and everything with friends and singing songs at the top of my voice! haha

  7. I love...hiding special pieces of paper in my special notebook, which is too special to write in.

    eli. x.

  8. i love making big blanket forts and having tea parties in them, with tiny little cakes!