Sunday, May 09, 2010


...the peepo family! 

"hi, if i haven't met you before, my name is peepo and i like wearing different hats!"

peepo is back sporting 14 spectacular hats from hairdo inspired (afro kid, mo) to animal inspired (panda hat, shark boy) to season inspired (santa's little helper). 

if you would like to take him home, he is $5 a brooch,  lasercut from sustainable american cherrywood.
some are also available as rings ($10), please leave me a message on which peepo you'd like and i'll see if it's available! 

an alphabetical listing of peepos:
- afro kid
- black & white
- leaf boy
- lion
- love cap
- mo
- night cap
- panda hat
- sailor boy
- santa's little helper
- shark boy
- swimming cap
- thunder cap
- watermelon cap

* please click on the image for a closer look


  1. Hey, I'm interested in buying the panda hat peepo as a ring if it is available?
    let me know, either on my blog or email me,
    they are all very gorgeous!
    thankyou! xx

  2. Oh, cute! Reminds me of (the sadly defunct) Afro Ken, only not really.

  3. ohh afro ken was awesome! although i recall he had a colourful rainbow afro...

  4. I was given a thundercap in one of my birthday gifts cute