Monday, June 07, 2010

Paper Hearts Project

i'm really excited today to post about the Paper Hearts Project!

it all started yesterday afternoon when i got a bit bored and decided to cut out paper hearts from scrap coloured paper, and stick them around the neighborhood with the help of blutack, a camera and a taller person :)

this project is inspired by katie sokoler from colour me katie - one of the happiest blogs around that is guaranteed to cheer you up!

the idea of the project is just to spread some love around the world - maybe someone will see a heart and smile, maybe someone will pick it up and read the message on it, maybe someone will take it home - it might even make their day :)

if you like the idea of this, send your own images of paper hearts to {paperheartsproject(at)} and i'll happily post them up!

more images and instructions are at, go have a look!


  1. This is so great! I love paper hearts. Sometimes I cut some out with my heart hole punch and slip them into people's letters (much neater than glitter).

    I tweeted this so hopefully you'll get some international participants! I'll post on my blog too.

  2. yay thanks so much elissa!! really appreciate it :)) send me your paper hearts tooo <3