Sunday, June 13, 2010

sunday drawing

TITLE: A little bit of miso
MEDIA: lucky pencil + 0.1mm pen + photosho

drew this today with the lucky pencil i got from uglygirl's giveaway - and i'm pretty happy with it so it must be a lucky pencil! below is the process i went through..does anyone prefer it without the colours?

1. raw scan of drawing (pencil + 0.1mm pen)

2. scanned in a page from an old book and put it as a background

3. added colours

4. more colour... and done!

i think i'm going to use this for a new masthead.. the current one is well out of date!


  1. very cute. it looks great as your banner

  2. tash: thanks! it's nice to have a bit of change..

    ali: shanks:)

  3. So gorgeous! I love this illustration :)

  4. It is gorgeous and lovely as a header. I'm glad the pencil is being put to good use (and much more pleasant than an awful $2000 exam).

  5. wow that's pretty excessive! well it's been through a lot.. i'm even considering giving it to someone to pass the luck on :) but i'll do a couple more drawings first.