Sunday, April 10, 2011

The End

I've been so busy that I completely forgot to put up this new piece!

'The End' is taken from the last still of old black and white movies, sometimes seen as 'Fin'.
It isn't intended to show heartbreak - but rather a happy ending or resolution to a story.. which I'm sure we all have many of.

They have all sold out at the various markets over the last few weeks, but I'm making more!

Lasercut from 7mm Cherry, The End is delicate and one of a kind. The words measure 70mm x 30mm while the heart measures 25mm x 25mm, joined together by a 70cm antique brass chain.
$35 a piece.

Will be listing more soon - stay posted!

In the meantime check out these great The End stills collected from Metro Goldwyn Mayer movies.


  1. i love this piece Janice! Great typo!

  2. i enjoy wearing it. Love the typography too!

  3. So nice :) and I like the changes you're making to the blog!

  4. hehe thanks!
    if only i knew how to do it properly with html tho, and not have all these weird spaces :P