Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Carrie Chau

Carrie Chau is one of my secret favourite artists. Her style is so different to what I usually look at, but I admire the amount of detail and attention she puts into each dream-like artwork. The naivety of her characters reminds me of childhood, purity and hope.

Being a female artist from an Chinese background as well, I especially admire and relate to her strength and determination to succeed in this not-so-ideal profession (as seen by parents and relatives). Her achievements are inspirational - multiple large scale exhibitions and installations including 2 exhibitions in Times Square Hong Kong, opening and owning her own shop, as well as distributing products internationally.

Carrie Chau's art is also a great example of merchandising, which I believe is due to the decorative element in her artwork. Cups, notebooks, posters, wrapping paper, sculptures, coasters, bags, clutches, wallets, keyrings, calendars...even dinner trays with her illustrations on them! I've collected a fair few things over the years, and seeing them everyday reminds me that it's the little things in life that make you happy.

Her stock is available at remedy in Perth, or if you're a lucky duck in Hong Kong you can go to the actual Carrie Chau store in Causeway Bay! Check out her website here.

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