Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Handwritten letters

I love messages behind projects - and this one applies to all of us. Craig Oldham writes, "There is always something nice about receiving a letter. Especially today when the way we communicate is governed by a text or a tweet, the ping of an email or a social network poke, leaving many to lose sight of the things that have been around for a while - like pen and paper."

So he started the Hand Written Letter Project, inviting designers and creatives to share their thoughts with a handwritten letter on their own letterhead. Milton Glasner, Wally Olins, Bob Gill, Vince Frost are just some of the 100 that have responded, and now the letters have been converted into a book and will be exhibited at KK Outlet in London.

Isn't it funny that letter writing has become so abnormal that it's treated like art now and displayed in galleries? Either way, it's great that letter writing is getting more exposure - it's definitely something I miss.

TITLE: Envelopes
MEDIA: pen, ink, watercolour
Little pouches that contain those special messages.


  1. I have 'envelopes' hanging in my entryway (right above the shredder where I shred most of my mail as I come in the front door)!

  2. haha I hope that's just junk mail and possibly bills you're shredding...