Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Erratic nature

Sibella Court is one of those people that can chuck a few things together, in a sporadic fashion, and suddenly make those items look like a piece of art.

I love the way she's styled her current exhibition 'Etcetera etc' (previously blogged about) at the Barometer Gallery - memorabilia dangle from twine and bulldog clips, photographs are tacked on with masking tape crosses, kraft paper hangs from the ceiling and breaks up the background, vintage frames sit on stools…

Her book feels like opening up a trove of treasure - there are so many things to discover, so many little details, not at all laid out in the neatest fashion, but instead brimming with charisma, individuality and life.

I'm writing this looking at the exhibition photos on her website - wishing I could go see it and take photos for myself. (So If you're in Sydney go check it out, details here.)

On another note, I've just finished up an Interior Styling short course, and although I enjoyed playing with textures, shapes, forms and design principles in a three-dimensional space, I found that the teacher and other students were often preoccupied with being neat and making sure everything matched to the T, in essence recreating a display home. I don't quite agree with this - I think it's great to be 'perfect' sometimes, but it can also be very stifling to creativity. This is what Sibella's work shows me - that sometimes you just have to let loose.

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