Monday, August 20, 2012

Hands on craft.

Building on yesterday's long post, I found this article on desktop magazine reiterate what I have found most valuable working in my current job, and also something that I have always felt;- that designing something 'hands on' is always the most rewarding. 

Veronica Grow from 'The New School for Design & Typography' writes:

"When we get the chance to incorporate a hand drawn illustration or work with a piece of paper and a pair of scissors, we really enjoy it. Working with our hands is a uniquely engaging human experience that comes from being both creatively and physically active, when a powerful nexus emerges between hands, head and heart, leading to the building of tacit or embodied knowledge."

Spending 95% of my time on the computer is not how I wanted to spend my time designing - and I'm sure for most of you, isn't what we signed up for when we said we would be designers. So let's pick up a pencil, fine liner, brush, whatever - and make something that is unique, something that has personality and shouts creativity from the top of your lungs.

Beautiful hand drawn type, 1, 2.

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