Thursday, December 10, 2009


"hi, my name is peepo and I like wearing different hats! today my hat is........"

like de bono's six thinking caps.. peepo likes to wear different caps when he's in different moods, just like his:

LION hat
love cap
night cap
swimming cap
leaf-boy/camouflage hat
and watermelon hat!

he's only tiny (about 2cm wide) and lasercut on 5mm thick colour rimu, with a small metal clasp attached to the back.

price: $5 for one peepo, or 3 peepos for $12 :)
they'll be selling at unwrapped...or just contact me!

*update* peepos are now sold out, and have gone to some lovely homes :)


  1. oh i love these! well actually i love everything you've designed... so it's a little hard to decide what to buy! could i order 3 of these peepos please - 1 x love & 2 x leaf-boy? do you have anymore of the RAH black acrylic pins? thanks heaps! :D

    - hues

  2. very cute but so clever at the same time!

  3. hi hues, thanks, i will put up a custom listing on etsy for the three peepos :)

    i have no more RAH pins, but one RAH chain left. I've made a new order, so there will be more coming in a few weeks- i'll put up a post once they're ready!

    sheryl: thank you! :)

  4. hi, i just found these lovely peepos, i would like to ask if you still have them in stock? And i would like to ask could they be earrings or rings?

    I really really like them! BTW, I am from Hong Kong, and I love your blog and products:]

  5. hello there,
    it's nice to know that someone from hong kong likes my things! (my parents are from hong kong too :)

    all the peepos have been sold, and i'm not sure if i'll make any very soon. the wait will probably be 2-3 months, but i'll be sure to put a blog post up about it if i do.

    they're a bit large for earrings, but a ring would definitely work! infact i kept one aside for myself and made it into a ring :)

    hope that helps,
    janice x

  6. HiHi, is me again janice:]
    it is nice to meet you and i just started to love handmade-stuff!!!

    Your parents are from hongkong too? woooowow~it is nice to hear that!!Will you visit hongkong later on?

    i love your peepos deeply now, and wait for your next products:] I will read your blog regularly and see if new peepos showing up again haha:P

    Many thanks,

  7. hi meiki,

    yes i was in hong kong 3 weeks ago actually! went back to see my grandma and relatives for chinese new year. i go about once a year :)

    haha thanks for your kind comments, i hope i'll have some time to make them for you soon.

    janice x

  8. hihi janice,

    really wanna make friend with you, would you mind being my new friend:D ? really wish i could visit your blog before the Chinese New Year, so i could meet you when you are still in hongkong!

    btw, do you have facebook, that i could add you as my friend, and we could con't our conversation in facebook, and keep in touchhhh >3< or you could add me either, for youuuu:]

    meiki :]