Wednesday, December 09, 2009

updates and custom listings

hulo! i've had a couple of people asking me for products, and i thought i'd just put this notice out there so everyone knows:

1. if there isn't a listing for a product on etsy that you see on the blog/site, please just email me and i can make a custom listing for you (if the product is still available)

2. i've just started making more 'love' necklaces, feathers, mini-tears and 'WOAH', so they should be ready in about a month! (pretty long, because sourcing the exact materials is not always easy >.<)

3. i would love to send the wrapping paper out as well, but haven't found an economical way to ship it.. (it would cost more for postage than the wrapping paper)..if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

4. lastly, thankyou to everyone that has visited and commented, you guys have really made this experience worthwhile, and i hope to be creating things for a long time to come :)

janice xx


  1. will the feed me badges be coming along with that bunch as well? :D