Saturday, December 26, 2009

re-order #2

'regular' love etched

new chain (thick) vs old chain (thin)

big love etched vs 'regular' love cut through

love for sale!

a couple of updates to them:
1. there's a new 'big' love which comes only in the etched version. it's for those who have a lot of love to give :)
2. there are different chains on all the new 'love' necklaces, which are a lot stronger and thicker as well. you're welcome to choose which chain you want (thick/thin), just convo or email me :) personally i prefer and wear the thinner chain, but i would like to warn everyone that the links may break if pulled on.

'regular' love etched: $34
'regular' love cut through: $34
big love etched: $38

australian orders +$2 for postage, international orders are welcome too +$4 for postage


  1. Hi! Love your stuff. I made a post about Little Miso on my blog and used a couple of you pictures. I can take them down if you want. The post is here:

    Don't get excited, only 3 people read my blog i think.

  2. hahaha that's awesome, thankyou so much!

  3. Saw your frankie blog mention! Congratulations.

  4. o wow, didnt realize! thanks for letting me know :)