Saturday, December 26, 2009

re-orders #1

Umbrella brooches

Feather brooches
RAH! brooches (2 only!)

Grrrr brooch (2 only)

FEED ME brooch (3 only)

as promised, here is the first lot of goods that have been re-stocked :)

$14 feathers
$18 umbrellas
$12 signs (black acrylics)

$2 postage around australia, and $4 for international orders. i've listed some at the shop, but if they're not there feel free to contact me.


  1. oh i missed this, just came back from 3 week vacation... would u still have anymore of the "feed me" brooches?

    btw i just opened your parcel and i absolutely adore the peepos! thanks so much!

  2. hullo, yup i do still have the FEED ME, you can get it at ze etsy!