Monday, May 23, 2011

Double Rainbows

Something fun for a Tuesday arvo! I've made these double rainbow brooches as a joke, if you find them as silly as me they are available at my shop :)

If you haven't seen the double rainbow video... hehe you must watch it here.

$12 for the set of rainbows! Give one to a friend and you can be rainbow buddies...

All double rainbows have sold out! what does this mean?! May possibly make more stock (if there is demand). 


  1. Oh my god. What does this mean? Tell me.

    [insert crying]

    lol, the brooches are so adorable ...and funny, now that I know what it refers to!!

  2. haha thanks!
    i'm glad i could enhance your quality of life with this video sheryl. ;)