Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Moss Bunny + Clock + Time Passing

This is how it all started...

I was never really into jewellery. I'm not the type of person that knows how to pull off heaps of accessories, I just like to keep it simple. A long necklace or a big brooch - that's enough to do the trick. (I haven't worn earrings for months, and now my piercings have closed up, argh!)
I started making jewellery out of found items, which I thought was great because nobody else would have the same piece as me... it got to a stage where I put a long chain on a miniature hammer? Strange, yes.

So when all the lasercut jewellery came about (at the time it was all acrylics and mirror) I was so excited - because you could cut out any shape, as well as engrave or colour (raster) on it! I'd had the idea of TEARS for a long time, but never knew what to make it out of or whether it was even possible! Finally it was, and on Oct 1, 2009 (after much drama because it was my first lasercutting experience), I launched TEARS and set up my online shop.

From then to now, step by step. 

Anyway this is a timepiece I found in Hong Kong recently, at a very cluttered shop on Hollywood Road (aka antiques road).. I'm not sure about it being an antique, but it has certainly worked out as a nice necklace :)  I haven't made jewellery out of found objects for a while, so it brought back a lot of memories.

p.s. How cute is Moss Bunny? He sits on my desk and makes me think of hopping through green fields.


  1. love it and, it's great to have a piece that's unique!

  2. Wow, nice story! Love your work too!

    I think I may have been to the same antique shop in Hong Kong... I also picked up that timepiece! ..As well as a battered alarm clock that looked like it was distributed to the population during the Chinese Revolution (I wonder if you saw it..)

  3. Hi Janice, thanks, i'm glad you enjoyed it! yay there were LOTS of awesome timepieces, happy to hear that you such good taste :P

    I think I did see the alarm clock - and lots of memorabilia of the Chinese Revolution. Will definitely be going back there next time I'm in HK.