Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Delighted to meet you!

Very delighted to show you today... a lightbulb brooch with a terrible pun! I know - since the Double Rainbow brooch, you didn't think it could get any worse. But here it is, because I think it would be hilarious to pin a pun on my chest.

Measuring 50mm x 30mm x 7mm, this bulb would be great to wear to an exhibition opening, tea party or blind date.

This kind of sillyness really is the essence behind littlemiso - to create things that make people smile.

Get it for $15 at the shop now!


  1. now that is a bright idea! you are such a bright spark! (picture of spark)

  2. cute :) and I love your photos Janice ... I really need to make mine more exciting but I'm so meh at photography!

  3. Oh and I recognize that paper in the second image ;)

  4. hehe thanks! yes i couldn't remember where it came from, but was pleasantly surprised when looked into my paper folder :) i guessed it might've been you!